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Your consciousness - Your space - You are the space of consciousness


When Siddhartha Gautama (the future Buddha) sat down under the Bodhi tree about 2,600 years ago, he was determined to realize his true nature.
Siddhartha had a deep interest in truth, and the questions "Who am I?" and "What is reality?" drove him to look even deeper within and illuminate his own consciousness.

As the following Zen story teaches us, this kind of search is not an analytical or theoretical exploration, so it's not a mental thing!
The story goes like this:
One day a novice asks the abbot of the monastery, "What happens after we die?"
The venerable old monk replies, "I don't know."
Disappointed, the novice says, "But I thought you were a Zen monk. "
"I am, but not a dead one!"

The most powerful questions...

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Life Is a Miracle, Didn’t You Hear?

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How To Stay Motivated and Avoid Sidetracks?

Many entrepreneurs, home-office workers, and even people with big business goals lack self-discipline and encounter difficulties staying motivated in the long run.
Are you familiar with this scenario: you set a big goal, you are clear on why you want to get there and what your motivation is. You start doing the necessary steps, but after a certain time, you start losing track and slide into procrastination or avoidance... You may be making yourself wrong for lacking self-discipline. You've probably read a billion tips and tricks from successful people on how to stay productive.
I have to break it to you - no matter how many productivity hacks you read and try out,...
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How to change anything

katherine bihlmeier Apr 26, 2020
Change What Isn't Working
Choose New Choose Different  

If we don't change what isn't working in our lives, we will find ourselves continually experiencing the same day over and over again, while our wholeness gets bored and unconscious!

We have all had the experience of realizing that something in our lives is not working. This knowing can come as a sudden realization or as a nagging feeling of doubt that grows stronger, waking us up to the fact that something needs to change.

What if this is actually a signal from our potential, asking us to move on, or even telling us we outgrew this situation?

Some people have a tendency to act rashly and make sweeping changes before even...

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