Read your way into possibilities


I’ve let this book be created through me as a book that invites you to resource and reconnect.

A book of wonders that you carry in your pocket... ✨

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This is a great transformative book series of new possibilities of looking at life and how to live life.

It brings us in touch with the original source of ourselves.

I really love movies.
I don’t watch them to be entertained or to distract myself. I always choose the ones that create the most for me and bring me the next insights.
Here I’ve prepared a list of movies and other resources that I always recommend in my classes and coaching sessions.

I keep referring to them because of the insights and perspectives they invite you to
and light up in you...

To start with, I’d like to share a funny clip:

Many people ask me:

“What do I need to do to change __________ (problem)?”

So, ladies and gentlemen – here it is!

The solution may be simpler than you’d like it to be.
You just stop it and choose now.
Enjoy this funny clip. ;)



This is what we very often do with our life. Avoiding staying present and get unconscious. Check it out and get a new perspective on your life. Where do you do that? What is that for you? And have fun!!! :)



This film offers an amazing possibility of looking at our life in a different way. One of my favorite scenes is the one where the two women speak about lipstick and using make-up.



This film is showing you how energy works, and what it really means to stay focused. There’s also a great depiction of how relationships, manipulation and overpowering function. I also love seeing the changes of the main character once he discovers what else is possible for him to see. It’s amazing how this changes his whole life as he chooses to live his capacities and stay connected.



You’d like to get rid of your barriers and limitations? You’d like let go of beliefs that there’s no way you’ll be loved and acknowledged if you truly allow yourself to be totally you in each moment? Watch this film and RUN YOUR BARS while at it. ;)