How To Stay Motivated and Avoid Sidetracks?

katherine bihlmeier mindset motivation May 10, 2020
Many entrepreneurs, home-office workers, and even people with big business goals lack self-discipline and encounter difficulties staying motivated in the long run.
Are you familiar with this scenario: you set a big goal, you are clear on why you want to get there and what your motivation is. You start doing the necessary steps, but after a certain time, you start losing track and slide into procrastination or avoidance... You may be making yourself wrong for lacking self-discipline. You've probably read a billion tips and tricks from successful people on how to stay productive.
I have to break it to you - no matter how many productivity hacks you read and try out, you won't make any substantial changes until you address the core cause of this behavior pattern. The good news is - this process can be very easy if you are willing to be honest with yourself and look within.

What is your motivation?

The first step is to realize that your motivation is always combined with a deep desire for something. Most people know what they set their goals for, so you are probably conscious of the first level of your motives. For example, you may be starting a side business that is supposed to bring you more money. You know you'd like to earn more so that you could finally move into a big house you've been dreaming of.
Very often, there is a deeper motivation that moves our actions, which we are not always conscious of. In the example we've given, it could be that you are (more or less consciously) dreaming of founding a family and having children. You'd like to provide the best for them and create a truly splendid life for all of you.
If you are not clearly seeing what the motives are in your case, you can get more insights by trying out a fun "Why Game". It works best when you try to explain your motivation in one sentence to another person. They listen to you with presence, and once you are done they simply ask: "Why?" This will make you look a level deeper. Once you have the next answer, they should again simply reply with a "Why?" Play this for as many levels deep as you'd like. Be brave to challenge yourself to go really deep, even when you think you don't know what else to say. You'll be surprised at what you may discover.

What is really holding you back?

Once you have more clarity on your motivation, you're ready to have a look at what it is that keeps you from sticking with your targets, getting your work done, and achieving your goals. It is on this deeper level that your self-sabotaging inner conflicts arise. The lack of self-discipline, overwhelm or procrastination are barely the surface. 
In our example above, it could be that the person has been raised with certain beliefs about being rich. They may believe that they are not allowed to have more than their parents did, or that living a lot easier life without all the hard work would be a disrespect of their ancestors' hardships. Perhaps they are dreading finally buying a beautiful house and then losing it to unpredictable economic circumstances – they don't want to make that experience, so they avoid even getting to the point of having a house. Maybe they believe that they are a failure and that they would never make it anyway. Or they are coming from a broken family and fear creating similar pain for their children, so they are obstructing their way to even start a family... The list can go on endlessly.
The point is that on the surface, it may appear as if the person is not committed and is sabotaging their business with their lack of motivation and self-discipline. Though in fact, they are indirectly sabotaging, avoiding, or being controlled by these hidden beliefs, decisions, and self-fulfilling prophecies they are carrying in them. 

 Let go of your hidden beliefs

Have a look at what that is for you. What does actually happen when you go for a goal and then suddenly begin distracting yourself, procrastinating, and losing focus? Underneath is a belief that needs to be seen and resolved. You can attempt to ignore this and find a shortcut to "hack" your way closer to your goals. Though keep in mind that this "pushy" effort will demand a lot of energy in order for you to maintain your focus. You can play with all the top motivation tools, but the moment you get slightly distracted and unaware, these underlying dynamics will overtake. That's why you need to look at what your hidden fundamental beliefs are.
Ask yourself whether you are truly allowed to have what your aim for and desire. Is this allowed within your mindset, and withing the set of beliefs you may have picked up from your family, culture, society..?
Once you've seen the spots in which you are inhibiting yourself, and once you know why you think you're not allowed to achieve your dreams or what makes you believe you can't have what you desire, acknowledge it all. Also, acknowledge that none of that is yours. Energetically send the package back wherever it came from and whoever it belongs to. Cut all the strings. Align with your "why" and your own deep motivation. 
And then go and create your absolute best life now. You can do it. 😉
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